Friday was our school talent show, and I must admit I was not in the mood.  I knew the kids would have fun but I was simply tired.  A few of my students opened up with the Preamble.  They were extremely excited about it too.  One of my students in particular asked me earlier that day if I would perform his song with him(he wrote and arranged).  I gave him the typical grown-up response..."Oh no, you did so well.  I really believe you can do it.  I will be screaming for you like a crazed fan, which I promised all my students I would do and I did.  He approached the stage that night with guitar in hand, and I did as I promised..."Go Carter, You Rock!".  He began to sing and play and all of sudden I saw him slowly close his eyes, the music stopped, he broke down and cried.  Everything in me reached out to him.  I made the decision to walk on the stage to see if I could convince him to keep going.  There was no going back for him.  He told me he would think about going back up at the end.  I spoke with him and his mom and dad and he was pretty sure about not going back up.  "I'm just too nervous.", he stated.  I really wanted him to try again but I knew I couldn't make him.  I told some of his classmates to talk to him and try to convince him to go up again.  They even went as far as telling him they would go up with him.  IT WORKED!  They called his name again and my heart was filled with joy and appreciation for them all when I saw them pull together and support him...different cultures and personalities pulling together to help one another.  I was one happy teacher.  "My babes are the best.", is what I said to myself.  I hear one of their little BOLD voices say, "We want to thank our teach Ms. Hawthorne for always helping us.  We want her to join us and help sing this song."  I thought, "I am going to kill them...with extra homework that is."  I walked to the stage and got on a mic with 2 of my girls, one boy and another girl stood to the left of me.  I saw Carter put his mouth to the mic and start to sing and play his song..."Can you help me figure it out?"  I couldn't help but to stand there and watch him show his true colors.  This child loves music.  I tried to sing but I couldn't help but stand there and cry as I saw one of the most timid students I have ever taught own the room.  I will never forget that moment.  I remembered in that moment why I love what I do.  It's because when what I have done and what I have given to others is put to the fire, IT WILL LAST. I thank God that what I am passionate about will last. "Go Carter, You Really Rock!"

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