Sometimes it's hard to be a visionary.  When I plan, think, and function, I always see the big picture instead of the small details it takes to get to that point.  This can be a great thing, but it can also be a hinderance to completing things. 

Yet again, I was sitting at a conference and I have a NEW book.  Let me be honest, I now have three books that I have envisioned and one of them I have actually started....Is Equality Fair?, From Student to Teacher( A Teacher's Guide to Knowing and Understanding a Student's Expectations), and today's new title...Are You Teaching, Reaching, or Doing Absolutely Nothing? You would think I would have started writing by now and maybe even completed at least one, but the truth is in the 4 years since I've had the visions of my first book, I've only started the Table of Content and the Preface :-(  That's my sad face.   BUT today I have a new found burst of energy. 

I vow to let my passion drive my success and be my primary source of income.  I decided that when God decides to take me home, I want to leave this earth totally empty.  Every gift and talent that God has trusted me with, I will use.   So when you see me or talk to me, hold me accountable and ask me, "Hey Kenisha, how long will it be before that 1st book is finished?" I'm sure I'll get tired of hearing it and finally finish it. Seriously, I know I will.  There may be some individual waiting on me to spark something in them.

 Pray for me!

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